D.I.Y. CBG/BASS Q’s, Sites?

AncientBasicGuitarCool example of an original (oooolllldddd) home-made 3 string guitar 🙂

Loads of peeps ask me lots of questions about Cigar Box and found-object guitar and bass building.

Here are links to a few sites that may or of course, may not, strike/spark your interest and answer plenty q’s re. lots of quick (cbg tunings, history, etc.).


Oldschool bro. doing some cool stuff, some of the most primitive instruments I’m aware of currently being built in the U.S., simple ideas you might like:


And a site my friend Shane Speal put together back in the day with more info. than you’ll ever come close to consuming. Ben at CBGitty continues with literally thousands of cbg enthusiasts world-wide, pics, how-to’s and a WIDE assortment of do-it-yourself, on-the-cheap to big bucks and major hours (like, think Les Paul Custom tricked out with all the trimmings and more with a cigarbox body…). Ben’s great CBGITTY shop has a vast assortment of gits, amps, parts, it’s truly just about all there. I check this site about 4 times per day:


Hope you’re having a rocking summer!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn

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