AudioFeed Fest Report, July 4th Thoughts


Wow. In a word, just wow.

So many kind peeps, old Cstone Fest friends, new ones, 3 gens. in some cases and just so sweet to us. Band seemed to have  a solid set- as did the other artists I heard, great responses right through!

Ami Moss and The Unfortunate and other Grrr Records artists- same deal, just an amazing day. And of course AF continues through this 4th of July weekend!

Roy and I came back late night after hanging with folks at the festival, soooo good to sleep in today.


So I have several things to mention this July 4th holiday in the U.S.:


No matter what you believe about history, this country was founded on individual, then corporate desire. It continues in this to this day- and this is true of many nations, not only the U.S.A..

Plenty of blood has been spilled and families torn apart on the basis of war and conflict.

I still return to the Book of James when I think about the guts of conflict. We want what we want and are willing to kill and die for it at times. God have mercy because all too often humans will not.

So do I love my country? Yes. Am I thankful for its freedoms and the vets and others who have sacrificed for us? Absolutely!

What we each (and gathered) DO with the freedoms are the haunting issue for me. And as I’ve often mentioned, the rest of the world is deeply affected by our choices. Often it does seem to me power, money and expansion of both are core to wars and other conflict. God have mercy… because people are often so in-humane in these points!

So I celebrate with most Americans, but I’m not fooled in thinking everyone has a pure, gracious or even honest heart in their pursuit and living out our freedom.

It always begins with each of us as individuals. Do not be surprised when it all ends with God before His throne… when all powers, dominions and self-interests will be judged.

Enjoy your holiday, but know this: freedom is only found in right relation to Jesus Christ. The rest is shadow, not substance!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂




  1. Hello Glenn,

    Thank you for all the years of ministry,
    I used to listen to your music together with my father in the car.
    You definitely made a huge impact on our lives.

    God Bless,

    P.S. do you think that you some day will be giving a concert in the Netherlands?
    I would really like to see you live on stage 🙂

    1. Thanks much, I have done many shows in Holland and likely will do more. If and when a tour is booked we shall let you know via my blog, the Grrr Records site and more. Thanks so much, love your country! -Glenn

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