GK Blues @ ABATE, WI Weekend Report

Spent the weekend with a good group of friends, a number of new ones and several older ones up in the Greenwood, Wisconsin area at the WI State ABATE campgrounds.20140621_18570820140621_185457It was ABATE’s Summer Hummer state-wide gathering featuring several bands and all sorts of activities for bikers who care about representation, safety and of course, hanging out with other bikers. There were quite a few families as well as singles and various clubs involved.


So Indianhead (which that area of the state is called) Bikers For Christ invited me up to bring a sort of Sunday morning service-kinda-concert from the stage as they served a great free breakfast to peeps before most of them would be leaving for home later that day.

Pastor Fred Z, BFC Pres. and I are longtime friends and it’s been my pleasure to visit (and gig) with him and his Full Throttle Band. As BFC has chapters world-wide it’s very cool to get to know more of them- and the Indianhead bros. and sisters are gems indeed.





Local BFC Pres. Corky and his sweet wife Jen were just so cool, genuine and fun to meet and work  with!20140621_182127

Corky won the barstool race (see the seat on his lawnmower-powered ride!). They set up a racing circle with cones, do the race flags and etc., and of course some folks smack into one another or wipe out. It requires a barstool for a seat (regs. are 32 inches high) so the sense of balance is a huge factor. Corky’s machine does 30mph… quite a trip with a wheely bar no less!

It was interesting to see bikers who stalled out reach down to pull a lawnmower cord and jerk it to get their “bike” up and back in the race! Really fun stuff.

Saturday night we broke out guitars and harp and played a little blues along with a cookout (nice smoked bird!) and then off to bed.

The breakfast and set/service was very kindly received and we had many great chats with people afterwards.

I SO enjoy working with such kind folks who have a such a heart to serve- Corky, Jen and crew are the real deal. And yep, they know how to have (legal) fun as well 🙂

There were many colorful peeps and rides, so I had to include a few of ’em here.

Now where is an old lawnmower I can convert… hah!!

My longtime friend and REZ, GKB bassman Roy Montroy as always, was a gift. He’s a co-conspirator, driver, amazing sound-tech and more who sometimes joins me in these solo adventures.

It was a good weekend.

AND, my Wendi’s finally beginning to feel a bit better in her stomach re. the post-hip replacement opp. meds… so thanks for the many prayers and kind words!

Hope you’re having a great summer and hope to see some of you at AudioFeed Festival (see earlier post) next week.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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