GK Summer Touring / New Music Plans

*photo by Otto Jensen



I’ve received a number of requests and “please let us know if you’re in the area, do a show with us!” invites for this summer. Here’s the situation:

Wendi’s hip replacement has gone well but the rehab is just beginning. She deals with constant stomach pains and nausea due to pain meds. along with pain in the other hip which along with the knee on that side as well as likely the other knee all need replacement and shall be over the next couple years…). Major arthritis folks.

We’ve been SO blessed by the prayers and encouragement of many, many friends world-wide. No other way to get through spurts of 2-hour naps interspersed with food, toilet, rehab, shopping, house cleaning, laundry, dishes and the regular stuff of life. We have several AMAZING, EXCELLENT friends who are helping with some of these, but just getting enough sleep is a major deal at this point.

We just celebrated our 42nd anniversary and I couldn’t have been more gifted than by my Wendi, that’s just fact!:)

I am her main 24 x 7 caregiver.

So you’ll understand why I’m very, very careful about what potential gigs to say YES! to this summer. We just have to see how things go with her health issues at this point.

There are a number of shows booked and as we near each one I’ll be sure they’re posted in my blog, Facebook, Twitter and via Grrr Records, etc.. They are all pretty close to Chicago.

For those of you asking for summer dates or waiting for my response re. the possibilities, my sweet girl is my first priority so -maybe next summer, Lord willing!

If you’ve read this far, thanks!davick2014-cbguitar-36
*photo by Colleen Davick


Our pro studio (Tone Zone here in Chicago) will eventually move entirely into Wilson Abbey (see the link here near the others in my blog page). You might imagine that’s a HUGE job with a small staff of folks all involved in many things. When the studio is ready for recording with all the bugs out and our calendars can sync, I’ll record a fresh project. Truth is, I have about 3 record’s worth but little by little…

Meanwhile I may just toss a song out now and then via this or that website, do a writing project and continue to rehearse cigarbox guitar and one-man-band tunes. I’ve learned quite a few covers from Delta and other blues peeps, and along with many I’ve written I’m very excited to get that music out, live and via recordings… but all in good time. Wendi comes first!

And of course I’ll continue to post here in my blog at WordPress, in Twitter and Facebook when I think I’ve something to say or pass on that would be helpful or encouraging.

Thanks SOOO much for your many kind words and offering opportunities to gig, come rest at your place, etc., etc.. I truly appreciate them, as does Wendi for your continued prayer as we share the journey together with Jesus and our extended family in the Lord.

Wishing you grace- and thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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