“33 Ways to Stay Creative” -And My Comments (1 of 3)

This is a cool list that most of us would agree with and likely benefit from with regard to being creative. As one of the sites that posted it says, this list keeps popping up online every so often.

So have a look- and only cuz I’m thinking out loud, if you like, you can read my personal take on each point. Mind you, this is a looooonnnnggggg list. Not saying all this reading will be beneficial but… Maybe if you come back over 3 or 4 days you can make use of some of the following? 🙂

The link: http://www.todayandtomorrow.net/2011/06/05/33-ways-to-stay-creative/

The points: So here’s my nickel on each point. Well, it’s a long list so I understand if you want to pass on this! Due to its length, I’ll post in 3 parts.

1. I do keep lists, but they pile high also. I mean REALLY high. As most of my points here are, this gets personal and your mileage may vary a LOT… When it comes to creating, about 1 percent of the time sheer discipline to sit down (or get up) and DO X, Y or Z has proved fruitful. This is just me, but if I’m not inspired, no list hits the “muse” button for me. I find inspiration comes like rain… off and on, sometimes heavy, sometimes in waves and sometimes with a trickle.

2. Paper notebooks (or d.i.y. leather-bound) with pen or better yet, pencil are cool and retro. But they ain’t backlit. My old eyes prefer -and I use- my digital devices like air, often traveling with 2 or 3 of ’em. I find them helpful tools for writing, sketching, talking and creating notes, media and etc.. Mobile phones, netbooks and tablets allow me to file in several places, share or just keep to myself as a record of my thoughts from that moment. Same for paper but I find it a tad cumbersome, easier to lose and less environmentally friendly. The point is excellent though: write, speak, draw, somehow record it and return to it later. Don’t leave home without it.

3. This is an idea that can be fun, but for me it yields more fun than something worth saving. But fun isn’t a bad thing!!

4. IF the web distracts, go offline or to a place you don’t have wifi 🙂 Works for me. Focus is a huge part of art and creativity and you must care enough to focus regardless. Yes, sometimes going off alone for a bit is the ticket to removing distractions.

5. I’m a Christ-follower, Spirit-filled, love transcendence and believe He speaks to and through me as He does most everyone. I think I pass the test on this one by (new) nature and practice of listening.

6. I get this and after realizing I wasn’t “special” or somehow “God’s gift to the world” on the one hand AS WELL AS realizing sometimes some of what I bring to the table is worth at least a sniff and a bite or two, I simply pray, dream and create as I think best. It’s a matter of faith, not personal projections to either impress others nor even impress myself. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust- this goes for every creative work any of us will ever bring to daylight. So, go for it but know there is only One worthy of value judgment on your creative work and in the end, that’s the issue, not whether you “got the love” or felt better about yourself in the process of creating.

7. YES! Sometimes creatives are really obsessive, no?!! Get away from “The ARTISTE is ***IN***” and just get out and do other things and certainly focus on other people. Breathe life. Art is -not- life itself. Your or my ability to create is NOT life… rather, it’s a part, an expression, a sharing part of what we do in our lifetime on the planet. You are more than an artist, not less. Live life in 3 or 16 dimensions, not 1! Yes. We need breaks.

8. Ha, yes, it doesn’t matter if anyone ever hears or sees or mentions your creative work. There are times we just need to let it out- and at very least this in balance is a healthy thing for artists. I do think whether or not we realize it, often we are practicing for further work later when we “sing in the shower” or “draw on the sidewalk”. Then again, sidewalk artists are AMAZING and cool 🙂

9. I drink a lot more tea in the autumn… seems artistic or maybe sentimental… dunno… but I LOVE coffee and drink gallons year-round. Yes. Sit and ponder. Imagine over a cup. Then at the right moment, create.

10. I do believe knowing and at times returning to your (life in general or) artistic roots (artistic) can be helpful to inspire fresh but familiar creative work.

11. Indeed, new and old music (even if you’re working in a totally different art or creative craft). Break up the routine for fresh ideas and angles on the creative work you’re engaged with.

12. Being open doesn’t mean to wallow in whatever floats down your stream… but being closed like a dungeon will suffocate your ability to think outside your own (yep, we all have ’em!) box. I LOVE Linux and Android operating systems- in part because I’m open, creative and really dislike various things about the other os’s… BUT I still use them off and on. Open is better than closed for creativity and growth.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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