42, 13-14

Today was a special day!

42 years ago my wife Wendi and I exchanged vows in marriage 🙂 Here we are by the love and grace of God! She still lights my life like -nobody- else. After Jesus, Wendi is my absolutely Best Gift.

The 13-14 relates to this:20140601_195452

Above our dinner line tonight was the usual art letting us know what was for supper as well a the note reminding everyone of our Project 12 Bible/Discipleship school graduation celebration.

After the formal graduation/certificate time during church service at Wilson Abbey this a.m., tonight’s meeting included our tradition of encouragement, family visiting, Scripture and gifts relating to each grad, prayers for all, food and hugs all around.

We have an amazing, gifted director, staff and another very cool group of students, what a great time of sharing!20140601_191912

For more info. on P12 see: http://project12.us/ or find us in Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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