Creativity, Risk for Progress

You may think this boring and perhaps outside your scope of knowledge, but you’ll get what I think are great points re. creativity, moving forward and grace if you read on.

I admit I’m a Linux (and Linus Torvalds) fanboi.

Oh, and this is “Tux”, the longtime mascot of the Linux computing community-Tux

Context: there are 3 main computer operating systems (O.S.), Windows, Apple/Mac and Unix. Linux is an offshoot of Unix, and is arguably the more exciting O.S. between the two. Linux is system used by many governments in many nations including ours, military and police depts., the core of all Google, Amazon and most search engines and etc. world-wide.

Interestingly enough even Apple/Mac is based in Unix. Android anything (phones, etc.) is a tweaked Linux O.S..

The guy who is quoted here is Finnish, came up with a variant of Unix
and called it Linux (Linus’s Unix) because as a university computer science student he thought he might come up with a better operating system and open-source, that is, not proprietary. For many reasons, I and plenty of others agree he indeed succeeded. I use Linux every day and have for years, in fact am writing this blog on a little Linux netbook.

In a Linux O.S., “kernel” refers to the core elements, the “guts” of the system. All programs work linked by the kernel. Through the Linux kernel they handshake and cooperate for you to get your work and play done.

I admit there is a sense of geek speak here as Linus continues to work wonders as a well-respected techie and his quote has, of course, to do with writing code and such. But ohhhhh the implications of what he says here in terms of art, personal growth, spirituality and so forth! I won’t parse it for you, just read on.

By way of

Linus Torvalds is the original author of the Linux kernel, an open-source project he continues to manage to this day. The famous father of the Linux kernel appeared in an interview with Bill Robinson last week in which they discussed technology trends, personality cults and leaps forward in technology. Torvalds shared a number of personal opinions on the technology industry, including innovation, saying: “I’m a big believer in pushing the envelope, and I’m not a huge believer in trying to be entirely stable and 100% “sane”. A lot of real development happens in spurts, and as part of what later is called ‘hype’ and other unflattering things. But the thing is, trying too hard to be sane and boring and not doing stupid things is actually counter-productive. I personally think the stable development model is not one of continual incremental improvements, but a succession of overshooting and crashing.”

Yes, yes and yes! The way forward is not to ignore nor neglect the past, but it is indeed having the vision and heart to in and for the sake of love, be willing to make mistakes in the process of discovery and innovation. We must not -only- take care, we must grow and give ourselves and others space to make mistakes along the path.

As I read his statements a sense of “parallel tracks” leapt out at me. Sounds similar to faith lived out!

As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂


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