Memorial Day U.S.A.

This is a day to remember.

We all too easily forget what Jesus did for us. In another sense the same is true with respect our servicemen and women.

Nobody but Jesus can be Lord and Savior.

Still this is a day to remember what they have given for us.

All too often they have sacrificed part of their body, have seen marriage fail, ended up homeless, perhaps unable to find or maintain a job all due to military service. Many have lost their life. Plenty of families find today a day of both pride and deep sorrow. They too have given.

I’ve regularly said you and I may have not agreed with a given deployment, but the fact is service personnel have served us, certainly in part that we might have the freedoms we share in the United States.

Today take time to remember. To consider. Pray for them and their families. Consider how you might do something for the wounded, the needy veterans and their loved ones who have given so much for you and me.

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn



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