The grace of keeping a journal was often lost on me personally until this past year.

Over time I had read and understood, even appreciated the art of writing a diary of sorts, and have in various points during my life done so and found it good.

Yet over the past year with my wife dealing with such intense physical pain and my own day-to-day schedule so re-arranged by it along with general burdens of everyday life, I have found an occasional “writing to God” very therapeutic.

I know He’s up to whatever I write, and have been so blessed to talk straight to Him about my stresses, sins, weakness and over-all need as well as giving thanks for a huge bunch of blessings along the journey.

I may or may not ever read them again, just write them once and file them, but such journals have been life-giving to me.

There are online sources anyone reading this blog can search for and find that will give input on the benefits and even ways/types of journaling, doing it by hand or typing, saving on your varied electronic devices or even in the cloud, emailing yourself and filing in a directory or whatever. There are of course other non-verbal ways to “journal” that don’t seem quite like that’s what you’re doing, such as painting, drawing, etc..

Here are just two articles I found helpful that you may also:


Note, I certainly don’t agree with everything in these web articles, especially some of the comments on the 2nd one, but there is still some good insight in both.

Several solid Christian people have taught on this topic for years so have a web search and consider it if you are interested.

Like daily Bible study and prayer, it’s a huge gift to be able to communicate and know God hears… or reads… heh!

Thankful that though our side-garden is cold on this cooler, rainy day in Chicago, it’s deeply green, many flowers are blooming or ready to… and the rich soil is soaking up all that good God-sent water to produce a LOT of beauty. Warmer days will come 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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