Watershed Show and Mom’s Day

As always our Watershed Cafe friends were gracious and kind, great night of fellowship and many kind comments at the end of the evening.

And as usual, cigarbox and found-object guitars as well as the one-string diddley bow (2×4) were of interest 🙂

Roy did his usual great sound tech work- and this a.m.’s Mother’s Day service was great.

For my Wendi and 3 daughters (Moms, all) I was able to get sweet cards and they decided on Smokin’ Woody’s rib tips and chicken with all the sides. Yum!

A great day. Now an early bed (whew… nice!).

You DID remember to phone your Mom right?!! 🙂

Another busy week with Wendi’s Dr. appointments, physical therapy as we approach her hip replacement.

Working to get a song recorded for Final Flight project (more on that later) and at least a little closer to fresh experiments in 3-chord tunings, rehearsals and show prep.

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn



  1. Glenn,
    I am curious to hear about this Final Flight project you spoke of. Does it happen to have anything to do with the passing of Rich Fout in Columbus, OH? He hosted a Christian Rock radio show called Final Flight and booked Resurrection Band several times in the 80’s. His friendship was a huge impact on my life. Healing prayers and blessings for you and Wendi, and thanks for all you do!

    1. Yes, He recently went home. A good man, has a good wife and many friends who are carrying on the show, etc.. Look his page up in Facebook, you’ll find info. there. Thanks, -Glenn

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