Four/For Seasons

Heh, nope, this blog isn’t about the 60’s singing group… just about the weather changes… and spiritual lift that can happen in people’s lives.

I find it interesting that many devotional writers (as well as others) have long talked about changes in life to be something like Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn.

I’ve always loved October best- for many reasons.

My life, age-wise, is pretty well in autumn at this point. I like it!

As for weather- it just now got warm, truly warm in Chicago so everybody’s thinking and/or talking about it.
We feel the sweet sun, perhaps take time on the beach or just begin to think about doing a lot more outside, etc..

I’ve a blues guitarist friend who regularly posts Facebook pics of his smoking/grilling meats. YES! More of that now. But he lives in San Diego (and I assume others who read this are from warmer climates too) so that doesn’t totally count 🙂

I grew up in Wisconsin where the winters were often quite intense. Moving to Chicago and with climate changes over the years, we deal with harsh cold and wind, sometimes blasting rains, not so much mud but some years we’ve had extreme heat even to the point of elderly and folks with various illnesses succumbing to the high temperatures. Every winter there are those who die of exposure among our homeless population.

So “talking about the weather” is more than just idle chat.

For many it’s a matter of life and death, for some of us just pleasure or discomfort. But it can be a soul-lift too.

Of course there are plenty of businesses that make or break payroll on the basis of weather.

We’re starting to see more landscaping trucks out and about. The City of Chicago does an amazing job with flowers and shrubs in the median strips along the lakefront and in most of our parks.

Our own side-yard garden is getting beautiful again with flowers blooming and such. Kids are out at play, skateboarders going for it, on and on.

The joy of summer is near.

There are some who are facing their first summer without one or more loved ones, or in difficult personal situations that weather has nothing to do with. Yet we have learned that time outdoors is often helpful in relieving some of the stress and tension of daily life.

Years ago my wife Wendi reminded me to stop and smell the flowers. I’ve taken her advice literally and have always been blessed doing so. Time in prayer, time in a quiet spot with a coffee (when it’s hot out, iced coffee), even a few minute’s or when possible, hours rest by a pond, lake or river, perhaps the woods can really be a gift.

For so many reading this, urban-dwelling has it’s perks but also it’s issues. Take time with God in the good weather and park or garden and see how that lifts you and your day!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn


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