The Week That Changed History Forever

Today’s Palm Sunday message given by two mature sisters in our fellowship included the concept of the various sorts of people who were in Jerusalem over the Passover when Jesus took his “triumphal entry” into the city.

Different sorts of people seeking different things that were present in that moment likely had different views on what Jesus was doing or about to do. Some had heard of His miracles and others were likely tourists or folks who had come to celebrate the Jewish holiday, maybe had never heard of Him but heard the shouts of “Hosanna!” and came near to see what it was all about.

Easter was coming, but first Palm Sunday, then what we call Good Friday.

I wonder how Judas felt about Good Friday? I’m not certain if he was dead by the end of that particular day, or exactly when he took his life. It does seem he would not have been around for Easter Sunday. Whew!

Jesus died and rose again for all, but not all live for Jesus in this life.

An authentic walk with the Risen Christ is what makes holy week including Good Friday and Easter- what they indeed ought to be: reminders of the incredible love, grace, forgiveness and power of the only true God.

May you experience -Him- this week!

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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