One Day Starts Now

Do most people long for a day with no struggles, no temptation, no pain? Hey, it’s primary election day in Illinois!! HA… well, that’s the least of our worries. But even there we find apathy and distrust, along with worry.

No wonder- people often prove un-trustworthy.

I have been working through Mother T’s brilliant poem which I suspect many reading this blog have read before. What an incredible bit of writing attributed to her and supposedly on her wall as a daily reminder. And oh, there seems to be two versions for she borrowed from one writer and made some changes. Both are amazing… whew!

One day all of this will be “a done deal”. The pains of this world will be over.


Scripture tells us that those who follow Jesus have a “blessed hope” and in fact refer to our God as “the God of hope”. It further mentions those in the present who are “without hope and without God in the world”.

At the end of 1 Corinthians chapter 13 Paul accents “faith, hope and love” as core essentials. I would say to believe in love one must have faith. Without trusting in God and in general accepting life “as it comes” while trusting in God’s love for us, hopelessness seems a given.

My personal experience has been that severe “ups and downs” happen. From a largely un-controllable (by humans) environment, natural disasters, illnesses, people-spawned wars, drunk driving (only last night heard another horrible, sad report from friends who lost a mother and her daughter due to another’s drunk driving…), various addictions and simple lust for whatever one might lust after- this is a world that contains potholes. In some places large and even deadly potholes.

Being a Chicagoan I can tell you that unless you really pay attention there are spots in the roadway that we might call “Volkswagen traps”, quite large.

Sometimes you see them in advance, sometimes you’re in one with no sense of forewarning. See, this is life on earth while on earth.

I’ll add that self-medication of any sort never fulfills nor takes away the hunger for authentic, sacrificial, loving relationships- especially one with God. Without Him and without others, the most-used drug is self and personally-eroding choices.

I’ve seen people choose both of these, the life-giving and the destroying stuff sometimes swapping from one to the other in less than a day. I’ve done it myself.

The choices are always before us.

One day the battles will be over. And then… and then the reality of our choices will kick in for eternity.

Did the Lord Christ rule us, or did we assume such authority ourselves, or give someone else ultimate authority while passing through life on earth?

HUGE question with massive ramifications.

Jesus Christ is my Lord and risen Savior, period. Regardless of the cost, I follow Him. That’s His choice and my choice. Whatever that relationship costs, so be it.

One day every eye shall see Him, every knee will bow.


Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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