GK Solo Booking Focus for 2014

Glenn Kaiser Booking 2014

My sweet wife Wendi is doing better with pain management due to recent hip injections and adjustment of meds. so she can actually get decent sleep at night. Grace! Eventually one, then the other hip replacement must happen. No hospital set-up yet… this is a long road when you’re poor.

We’ve hit that time of year when folks begin asking for show dates re. blues, speaking, leading worship, etc. and the requests have begun to roll in as per usual.

I’m self-booked if it’s solo or myself with Joe Filisko. GKB booking inquiries go to Ed Bialach at Grrr Records. There are links to all this here in my blogsite and via http://www.grrrrecords.com

Due to my being Wendi’s main care-giver, I am asking for more house concerts, coffeehouse and other shows within a 2 1/2 hour Mapquest radius of 920 W. Wilson Ave. Chicago. This way I can happily do stuff and get back home with Wendi quickly.

Quick in-and-out fly dates are possible as well.

I hope to record and offer fresh music this year soon as all key people are available for sessions.

Lastly, I plan to do busking in Chicago subways and streets this year- been wanting to do street-singing forever!

If interested, please contact me directly via our Grrr Records site -and let’s make some noise!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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