20140214_125452I’ve surely mentioned this before in my blog, but cleaning up isn’t all that big of a pain to me. It’s doing so after someone makes a mess they could have easily cleaned up themselves. It’s not my idea of fun. Well, especially if it’s an habitual sort of deal!

But then I have made plenty of messes in my life and others have found me a pain to clean up after too…

Whether it’s trash, food, other stuff lying around where someone can trip over it, whatever, I sometimes get “weary in well-doing” and begin to grumble- if not out loud (sometimes, yes) at least in my own mind.

As a pastor and really, just a friend to a fair number of folks I do on occasion feel like “Whew… cleanup time again. Lord, why me?”

It is just amazing how folks can make such a wreck of their lives and expect others to clean up. BUT that, at times, is exactly part of the calling of God to you and I.

We cannot BE the (nor even “a”) Savior, but as they are open and as we have the calling, gifting and tools, the help of others as well as love and patience, at least sometimes we can actually be helpful in real and positive ways.

God often reminds me one legitimate way of facing reality in this life is that the fully perfect Son of God came into our sinful, selfish, violent world and in the midst of His time on earth suffered horribly and  that not due to His own messes. He never made one… He did it due to mine, yours, ours.

He’s the ultimate cleanup Person and what a load of garbage we’ve each and all created in various moments.

When I think of this I ask forgiveness. “Neither grumbling nor complaining but rather the giving of thanks” goes a phrase in one of the New Testament letters! Ouch.

And thanks Lord, for reminding me. I’m sorry for the pettiness and the selfishness that rises up in me when wanting to avoid another cleanup not due to my own folly. Thank You for the countless times others have come to help me clean up after messes  that I, and not they, made!

Thanks for stopping by!


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