My Facebook Political Post “Unfriending” Warning

I have on and offline a WIDE range of friends all over the world. Like all friends, we don’t agree on everything all the time- and I’m fine with that. But please consider:

RHETORIC: (in writing or speech) the undue use of exaggeration or display; bombast.

I’ve done it, so have plenty of my friends in Facebook.

Referring 95 percent to the issue of politics and political figures:

I can and largely will love and respect you and continue our genuine friendship though I may largely DISagree with you on your posting what seem to me extreme (harsh, broad and nasty generalizations, knee-jerk, flame-bait) statements you may choose to post or re-post.

Who gets to decide if it’s “undue” or “exaggerated”? On my pages, I do. On your pages you do.

Thanks for your consideration! -Glenn

8 thoughts on “My Facebook Political Post “Unfriending” Warning

  1. Good post. I guess for me it is the ongoing posture of divisiveness that at some point has little redemption to it & I have to just stop the negativity.

    1. Indeed. What I dislike is passing the negativity on, my page being a platform for someone’s vitriol (if that’s how you spelllllit, ha!). As I said in Facebook, I believe I can drive large trucks through several of both party’s position from both a scriptural as well as practical standpoint. So what? I just cannot accept ignorant scapegoating/bashing with next to zero content. Propaganda has never, ever been anybody’s friend. Thanks Dave. -Glenn

      1. Glenn Id love to see your posts if you were British during their elections! so many parties to choose from there! LOL

      2. Kathy, I’ve watched with both horror and glee, the British Parliament “Question Time” off and on for years. I get it. I also get “yellow journalism” which the U.S. has bought (literally) into some years ago v. Murdoch and of course others before him and plenty since. Tabloid trash-talk apparently sells. But I refuse to provide even more platform for political diatribe on my FaceBook page. I’d personally LOVE six or eight parties and election reform that allows civil discussion of the ISSUES and a deeper, more thoughtful electorate but the powers that be and their main, few truly monied corporate donors will never allow it. This is the real world, sigh! -Glenn

  2. Glenn,

    The only reason I am commenting this late in the game is because you’ve apparently invoked it on FaceBook 🙂

    I am learning. . . over years and years of being someone who can pick up the phrase, witticism, or nuclear-grade rhetorical molotov cocktail and hit the bunkers head-on–that it is merely a waste of a talent. A simple tempering of these abilities leaves out the distortion and allows room for sensible discourse. And really, room for those abilities to give light to the Grand Apologetic.

    I have a Facebook friend–a guy who purports to be an atheist. Nearly every day, I read some utterly painful meme–literally repetitive, brutalizing broadsides against faith in general, but usually Jesus in specificity.

    Yet, having coffee with that guy will reveal he is actually a searching agnostic–with a literal open door to belief in the same specificity he assails in the fever-swamps of Facebook.

    It hit me. My little bombs–the ones that will solve nothing–just drive wedges between me and the people who I think are close to me because they tolerate me on their “wall.” In reality, sitting down and having overt discussions about worldviews without the name-calling would do more to heal wounds–even if the disagreements never come to parity.

    Does that mean I don’t become outraged at some of the geopolitical trajectories in a blind world? No.

    But God’s got this. It’s sad that the lost DON’T know this. But it becomes toxic when those that have been redeemed FORGET it.

    And at times, I am the Chief Prince of the Cognitive Lapse.

    I vote.

    I pray.

    I wait.

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