Aging Is Fine With Me!

OldKaizI’ve had tinnitus for many years.

This means I often have a ringing in my ears, my right one especially.

After years of shooting all sorts of guns for target practice and hunting it had to happen. Back in the day few people used ear plugs or shot protectors (like large headphones but with no connectors). I’ve used them both for years now. But… I recall one particular shot (biggest whitetail buck I ever took home) when my ears rang for a while after, my right ear quite a bit longer.

All this as well as at times, 5 or 6 days per week over perhaps 2 months of recording each album (REZ Band) as well as two weeks for most of my solo projects and even now, a week or so of recording a full record. Much of this with headphones for anything like 5 to 7 or so hours. The high end is largely gone in my right ear and my left is slowly catching up 🙂

On the bright side- I rarely even notice any ringing. Further, there’s not that much in my left (good) ear. Better still, on occasion I hear quiet little clicks and chirps that very much remind me of house wrens singing which I love very much! No kidding. It’s just not an issue.

I’ve been wearing reading glasses for probably 4 years or more. Just 2 power magnification does fine for me. And of course most of my reading (Bible and all else) is done via my netbook, smartphone, Kindle Fire or some other computer, so I can adjust the font and all of these are backlit. Nice! Truthfully, I’m spoiled by such great technology even though one day I’ll likely need prescription glasses to see properly.

Got lots of little aches and pains when I get out of bed or go up and down stairs.

All of this (you’ve likely guessed) has to do with aging anyway and a great many younger peeps don’t need to bother about it until they get a bit older.

But I do think growing older has it perks.

One is that when I take out my hearing aids (indeed, have used ’em for about 3 years now, off and on) things quiet down. I like that! Well, sometimes:) So if things get rowdy (kids and sometimes adults) and I want to take a nap or just cool out and think I no longer have to move to another spot or put in earplugs… ha!

My sweet wife, family and many friends help me get along well. It seems my voice and hands work quite well so I continue to sing, play guitar, write and perform. I reached 61 years old last month so considering a very traveled life, a lot of grace in my life.

The fact I can still hear, see, walk, move around quickly if I need to, any of this at ALL is pretty cool considering the mileage and up/down eating and exercise habits. And hey, losing hair works for me!! I just don’t care all that much about any of this. Now, total deafness and/or blindness would be a drag, but any of that is also do-able by the grace and immediate closeness of my Savior Jesus Christ. And some pretty cool and future technology.

So that’s what I have to say about that 🙂 !

Growing old is good when you walk with one Who never ages and promises to be with you right through eternity.


Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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