Pete Seeger

I’ve never been afraid of the fallout for my personal views and both agreed as well as shared positions -to an extent… not in all points- with the late Pete Seeger.

Here are three lyrics I wrote last year that lean to the school of Pete, Guthrie, Dylan and Bruce Cockburn in terms of activist concerns. Not yet recorded but shall be. Not standard blues as I mostly write these days… but blues just the same.

I don’t expect tacit agreement. I am indeed happy to agitate where such salt might prove a help to those in need.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

(c) 2013 Glenn Kaiser

Rustbelt trains keep rollin’ on
Movin’ Chinese goods to every town
The union songs ain’t sung much more
Wall Street barons closed the store

Welcome to the ranks of the working poor (2x)

College grads go back to school
Ain’t no jobs but you ain’t no fool
Women’s equal pay is on the floor
The boss man chooses, that’s for sure
The boss man chooses, that’s for sure


They told us if we worked real hard
We’d own a fine house with a dog in the yard
That we could be anything that we chose
The emperor’s wearin’ his new clothes

Hey hey ho ho activist
No sense hangin’ like a passive fist
Most sit on the couch an’ just complain
Dance between drops in a soakin’ rain
Artful Dodgers at our core
Or we hide inside an’ lock the door
Silent architects of the working poor
Hail the architects of the working poor

(c)2013 Glenn Kaiser

Last night I heard tell of a patriot
And mostly he is smilin’
Like a president for the two percent
Bank accounts in the Cayman Islands

If I’m right
I think I’ve been left
Just an educated guess

Conspiracy theories don’t pay my bills
Nor do trickle-down ethics heal my ills
It’s the talk of caring when outsourcing rules
And they literally bank on a nation of fools


Been a student of history, profit and loss
The power of money regardless the cost
The rich and the shameless too often the same
As long as we’re buyin’ they’ll sell us the same

Chorus, end.

(c)2013 Glenn Kaiser

You might be different
You might be strange
Probably come
From some other place
You dress pretty funny
An’ what an odd name
Why don’t you go back
From wherever you came

“Give me your tired
Give me your poor
The wretched refuse
Of your teeming shore
Send these, the homeless
To our golden door…”
But does the mother of exiles
Shine anymore?

They came from the north
The south, east and west
We welcomed them all
And near-passed the test
But those differences
That we might celebrate
Seemed to challenge our power
And made us irate
It seemed competition
To who we’d become
It was never an issue
Cuz we always won


The broken, the orphans
Some returning vets
Minority people
And the tribes that are left
The foreigner, addict
All those we don’t like
Boiled up our fears
Challenged our way of life
To share became odious
Taxing us raw
Enough is enough
We ain’t open no more

Chorus, end with:
Does the mother of exiles

2 thoughts on “Pete Seeger

    1. Indeed. And you can be sure it pulls the nose hairs of some who are just plain angry about sharing control and allowing fear to control them in their apparent loss of control. I figure true followers of Jesus have always been in the minority. The rub is that they’ve been too myopic to realize how that feels and what it means. Or conversely, they DO begin to freak at their inability to dictate and get real mean and evermore selfish. What’s that got to do with God’s love for the widow, orphan and poor? Nothin’. Just nothin’. Matthew 25 pretty well sums it up for me. Thanks my bro.. -Glenn

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