My Friend Janet Cameron (Rez, Cornerstone Mag, More) Art Exhibition!

janetcardTom and Janet Cameron have been friends and co-workers of ours for many decades.

Tom first played blues harp in Rez Band, then became exec. producer of all but one Rez record as well as producing all of my solo projects.

His sweet wife Janet’s brilliant artwork graced most every Rez album cover, several of my solo projects and did the same for many other Grrr Records artists, etc., as well as others’ records, cds and such.

Over its long existence, Cornerstone Magazine’s covers and much inside artwork was hers.

Our newly opened Wilson Abbey (Chicago) and Everybody’s Coffee shop will be doing various concerts, workshops and more- including art shows.

We wish to honor Janet and showcase her brilliant work! If you’re anywhere near Chicago during the dates listed you won’t want to miss this!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn

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