Wow. Just wow! The webcast last night (1-23-14) was amazing, really almost overwhelming to me in a good way. I’m so aware of my flaws that it’s pretty humbling to hear how what we’ve done has been encouraging to so many. Really good questions from Shawn and Greg as well as those who logged on. A friend who was down in Mexico emailed me this a.m. encouraging me on the show as well. Anyhow, it’s archived and will be available for folks to watch again as they wish. Look for SAGAH BROTHERS in Facebook which will take you to the Spreecast site.

So glad we can be at this year’s AudioFeed Festival again as well- these guys are core in putting that fest on.

Now off to the burbs to get Wendi some good yarn via a Craigslist friend.

HA, a rockstar’s life? Not even close… thankfully!

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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