To Know and To Feel

My mind often works like a line of dominoes… I suppose being a lyricist most of my life causes me to think this way as well- one thought sort of bangs into the next and so forth.

This past weekend here in the U.S. many watched NFL (American football) divisional playoffs. I was pretty busy but manged to catch some of the action.

One of those games brought a comment from a pundit stating it wasn’t knowing what each person had to do on the day but rather the emotional capacity to deal with the intensity the winning team brought to the game that caused the other team to lose.

Soccer- the “real” football throughout the world… has been my passion even ahead of NFL or other sports here in the U.S., for many, many years. In or (mostly) out of shape I still played just about every chance I had until last year. But I continue to watch every game I can and support Chicago Fire and the U.S. national team among other sides.

I’d read so many books on the sport, watched and played a lot, enough to know more than I could ever actually accomplish on the field.

It’s one thing to have the correct, valid information in your head, quite another to access and actually act on that information when needed. Emotions, for me and I suspect others reading this, often get in the way of what we know we ought to do.

Now on the soccer or American football or other sporting event field just as in other areas of life, plenty of us know more than we are physically able to perform.

Yet in my view, the hardest thing is acting on what we know to do when our emotions are bringing what are sometimes overwhelming feelings of loss, fear, anger or what have you.

In this past year I’ve had to face a slew of negative emotions about myself and at times, other folks. My sense of fail has been rather large and I don’t like my emotions to push my thoughts around… but sometimes they do. Nothing new throughout my lifetime, but it’s been a bit more of an intense journey the past year (already blogged on that) and very interesting with regard to how much my emotions have surfaced- and need self-control.

It’s one thing to know, another to act on knowledge when your emotions temp you to make poor choices or simply buy into un-truth! Or simply give them too much sway.

Illness, friends passing away and having to re-structure my time has all been part of my reality. Nothing God isn’t big enough to help me with -and He is.

Thanks for stopping by. I just want to let folks out there who struggle with such issues know you’re not alone!



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  1. Thanks for sharing Glen! Really enjoy your blog, Encouraging! one of your followers since the 70s I will always remember coming to Chigago and visiting !

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