Time to Snuggle Up With A…


It’s gettin’ REAL COLD outside around here! And don’t get me wrong, I’d rather snuggle with my wife than anything or anyone… but-

From a time as young as 10 years of age I LOVED radio. Still do.

Until I came to faith in Jesus and another six months later (I was then 18 years old) most every night found me with a small transistor radio under my pillow. It was on all night. When I wasn’t playing records- and I spent little money on those… I mostly had soul or rock radio playing. Music and sometimes talk were staples for my listening.

Over the past 30 years or more it’s largely been talk radio- I mean left, right, moderate, social concerns, news… I’m a news junkie as well. So all of this was part and continues to be part of my love and concern as well as curiosity about people. How did they come to their views, what events shaped them, how can they logically take the positions they take?

I suppose from both music as well as people-interests are why radio became a constant companion and has continued so to this very night.

When the talk doesn’t interest me or I’m convinced I’m hearing mere rhetoric and nonsense I listen to Chicago sports radio. Now due to the internet and my years of travel, I often listen to Chicago and U.S. broadcasts when I’m overseas.

From time to time I listen to the BBC, RTE (Ireland), CBC (Canada) and other foreign

broadcasters (in English). I began doing this in my early teens on old shortwave radios. Some were the size of a small fridge, others fit under the pillow.

I would climb on my Mom’s roof and put cane poles ever higher with antennas off the top of them… freaking her out as she’d come home seeing me on that slanted roof hugging the chimney yet again to try and coax the farthest stations’ signals out of the sky.

I always loved winter nights because that is when the atmosphere (sun, solar radiation and radio signals bouncing long distances called “skip”) would just rock with far-off stations, news, views and of course propaganda world-wide.

All of this is rather strange for an American kid growing up in the Midwest, but that was me and I continue to be a sort of amateur anthropologist.

Further, like a few of my buddies in our early teens I went through the cb radio craze. We talked all the time on little rigs, even the most powerful walkie talkies we could get hold of. So you see it was as much about communication as listening to other views.

I do think all of this informs how I process information. Listening to as many sides as possible doesn’t mean taking whatever anyone says for ultimate truth, it simply means hearing opposing viewpoints and hopefully for me, weighing the merits of various arguments. Often I come down in the middle, but trying to really listen in on folk’s perceptions and sussing through what seems sensible is at least part of how my mind sorts through the issues in question. It’s paying attention to what people think and trying to understand HOW they came to their views, whatever the merits of those views and conclusions.

Most of the world that has access to the internet is now fully spoiled with if anything, a glut and overload of information. The question as to what is true and isn’t true, or what degrees of truth or untruth, or finally (only God truly knows this one) individual or group motives are all part of the matter. I love the Web and use it daily, read and explore all over the place but radio still calls me to a listening posture. Ted Talks are cool online, etc., but again, there is something about everyman discussions that hold my interest and I find those sort of discussions on radio quite often.

So communication a great deal of listening, reading, watching and thinking as well as praying through issues of humankind continue to be a major part of my life. I often have few or no answers to various matters, but learning what people think and how they arrived at their conclusions is always of great interest to me.

Mind you, I’ve done much the same with tv and video but with speech via radio it seems to me the issues are often plumbed longer and deeper and must be taken more to the logic and merit end of things (or lack thereof) as opposed to the often emotive and other-sensed stuff of the screen.

Radio. Straight-up or via the Web, I still love it!

Slice of my life, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn



  1. Hi Glenn. Just happened on this on the internet. I loved the Resurrection Band when I was a kid growing up in Scotland in the 80s, not least because there was someone out there showing that Christianity didn’t have to be wimpish and boring. I’m glad to see that you are still out there. I just happen to be a radio fan too. One of my best ever Christmas presents (thanks Mum and Dad!) was a radio (when I was 15) and, like you, I spent hours listening to it, fascinated by the window on the world it gave me, including those crazy shortwave propaganda broadcasts. Thanks for all your encouragement and keep going. God bless. Nick

    1. I hear you Nick! Love Scotland, been up to you on several occasions over the years. Will date myself saying Runrig one of my true faves from your fair land! Beautiful and cold in winter of course. Yes, I have often wished I’d followed up with amateur radio but just did the Shortwave and Medium Wave DXing as it was simple… and no electronic theory involved 🙂 Thanks and you’re welcome! Keep that wool up around your neck, ha! -Glenn

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