My ’13 in Quick Review

20140101_143843I’d be lying if I said 2013 was a wonderful year for me. It was difficult for several reasons, but not non-stop misery by any stretch!

Here in Chicago we are celebrating a fresh and beautiful winter wonderland in our side garden on Wilson Avenue. It’s beautiful. But it’s cold! The wind is blowing snow off Lake Michigan. This is how part of my year went last year and I suspect similar this year… but hopefully I’ll be more in the Spirit and have moved into at least a little more maturity with regard to our struggle.

What struggle? Getting older, Wendi suffering intense pain in hips and left knee… finding a hospital and surgeons willing to accept her insurance plan and getting at least the worst of her two hips replaced this year.

Likely saying goodbye (for now…) to old friends, several going to be with Jesus very likely in 2014. This is not easy of course. But it’s all part of life.

I actually have some personally encouraging things open to me this year with regard to bringing fresh music and live music to both record as well as do sets in places I’ve never been, especially in Chicago.

But the truth is that it’s very difficult to see the one you love most suffer and have rather little to do to be able to “fix” it.

I found myself trying to get enough sleep, not be grouchy, better understand and do what she needs done and generally distressed at my own lack of love, kindness and sense of what to do to help off and on most of 2013. No violins, just reality that I’d not had to face in quite such measure through the years.

The verse looming in mind last year was “In the world you shall have tribulation”. Plenty of folks have it FAR worse than I/we have EVER had it, that’s clear. And of course the last half of this statement of  Jesus is: “But be of good cheer. I have overcome the world”.

Because of Him, I expect not only struggles but grace to overcome them and at least occasional eyes and ears to sense His presence and moving among us in this new year.

This, I believe!

No matter the circumstances, God is greater and certainly The reality in each moment. “I will never leave you nor forsake you” is still the truth I both hold and am held by 🙂

May God give you, my Wendi and family and I, each a fresh sense of His love and present grace in this New Year!

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn


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