Hot, Sweet Christmas and Beyond!

Our family had a great Christmas as we hope did you and yours!

So several friends very near and quite far away sent me bottles of heat (I LIKE dis stuff!!) which will carry me through the first part of 2014 🙂 BIG thanks y’all, you sure enough have warmed up my winter!


Another old hunting buddy knew I hadn’t had a minute in the woods this year due to Wendi’s hip and other health issues… and wanted me to get a “big buck” anyhow. Ha!20131224_165819

Thanks to all for the amazing cards, kind wishes and all. Blessings for 2014!

Thanks for stopping by,



4 thoughts on “Hot, Sweet Christmas and Beyond!

  1. wait, glenn kaiser is a hunter?? if so, please tell me you do not waste any of the animal and that u do not hunt for “sport”

  2. Bro Glenn:

    You are a chili-head too? Awesome…my favorite is Hula Girl Red Jalapeno. Give it a try. I also love Da’ Bomb Ground Zero…hot stuff. I just introduced my 10 yr old to some of your music and he really liked it. Thanks for doing what you do and for writing what you write. I really dig your music, always have. Gets me through the day sometime. You are my favorite artist of all time.

    In the Name of Our Precious Saviour Jesus,

    Mike K.
    “dead man walking…” Gal 2:20

    1. Mike, I’m a heat addict, I admit! Funny, a puppy with hot drinks and such, but love massively hot sauce, etc.. Will look for Hula Girl sauce, thanks for the tip. Yes, last night broke out this stuff called Death By Salza and it is THE hottest salza I’ve found yet. Got that one (mason jar size) not this past Christmas but the one prior… still working on it little by little. Yes! So stay warm. Cold in Chi-town today! -Glenn

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