Christmas Time SuperLo-Fi Demo :)

Why not? Please look over at for several free downloads for you as a gift from Grrr this Christmas if you’ve not already done so. They’re far better than this.

But here’s a demo from my Samsung Galaxy Note II cellphone recorded on the Four Tracks Lite app with… wait for it… me beating fingers on two old laptops (2 diff. sounds) for drums (too loud… overdid it so sorry for peaking the meters off and on during the song…), the one bass string on my old Danelectro Frankenstein with 3 guitar strings and one bass string… and my Shane Speal 3 stringer, both played through my trusty lttle old Pignose amp. Well, and I tossed a vocal track in. Folks, this is LOW-FI and one take each, that’s all we got here tonight.

About to have a major Christmas meal with family and friends as well but… don’t laugh too much as you hear it… I just had to do it. Frankly, I’m having fun in my old age ūüôā

I posted it in the music audio section over at

-Glenn Kaiser

Well it’s,¬†Christmas¬†time¬†and I

Got snow in my boots

Christmas time and I

Got snow down in my boots

Goin’ to, climb MountTrashmore an’

Drink hot chocolate too

Well the tree is trimmed and the

Lights are hung up high

Tree is trimmed with the

Lights all hung up high

Feelin’ like a little boy

In the cool, clear, shinin’ sky

All the baking and all the

Spice and sweet, sweet sounds

All the dinner tables and the

Spice and sweet, sweet sounds

Only sad part here is ‚Äėjus

Once each year it comes ‚Äėround

See that baby boy and a

Mamma’s joy unfold

See that daddy proud and the

Shepherds’ star-crossed road

People from afar bringin’

Incense, myrrh and gold

Yes the, gift of love

Came from, up above like this

Yes the, gift of light on that

Christmas¬†night can’t miss

When we learn His ways each and

All our days are blessed

So it’s¬†Christmas¬†time¬†and the

Star shines bright on us

Yes it’s¬†Christmas¬†time¬†and His

Star shines bright on us

Comes into our world

Bringing, joy, faith, hope and love

Happy Birthday to Jesus! (humanly speaking)
With Love,