The Night Before the Night

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
tons of cooking,  present-making
though some felt like a louse…

Tonight my sweet Wendi and daughters, sons-in-law, I and so many others must finish the work before “the night”.

Some open presents on Christmas Eve, or just a few, some on the morning of Christmas Day and others open nothing for they have nothing to open and no family with which to share what for many is such a time of joy.

There are sick kids and adults in hospital or confined to bed with a rocking cold. More than a few inmates in this jail and that prison sit alone. Military personnel far from home can only at best have a short time with family thousands of miles distant via the internet and a live webcam connection.

There are widows and orphans who tonight have no worries about finishing gifts, wrapping and such as they are for the most part alone or only expecting quick visits from distant (in more ways than one) family or friends.

For myself, it’s simply trying to get ready with the last few gifts I’m making for immediate family and wrapping (such as my “wrapping” presents goes!).

My birth-family opened presents Christmas morning while my wife’s family always held forth on Christmas Eve., and the latter is the tradition we hold.

My birth family didn’t walk with Jesus in those days of my youth, so it was breakfast, rip-and-tare. My family and close relatives seek Him, gather and read through the story of His birth and sing several Christmas hymns prior to a large dinner, treats, then the kids open first followed by the adults, all taking time to share and thank everyone for everything.

Our church (Jesus People U.S.A.) is also a live-in Christian community and we celebrate all through Advent as well as with a grand, touching Christmas Eve. service at 10pm each year -not at midnight because this earlier time allows some of the children to accompany their parents at that service.

You see, some people see Him, some do not, some have others who truly care for them, too many don’t. This is a time of year when we can find ourselves fully stressed… or seeking Jesus for grace to do what we can in sharing His Story and His love as well as gifts of love.

You -may- “feel like a louse” but your heavenly Father doesn’t think of you that way. He gave His BEST for you. In Him alone each one of us can find rest.

Tonight after buzzing around all day I took a nap. Yahoo for sure!

Now I’m up and about to finish this particular race, sleep and totally finish tomorrow just in time to set up, pray, sing, share and enjoy the joy of my closest loved ones.

May God give you the grace to know Him and His peace in this holiday whether or not you experience the love I do. Emmanuel literally means “God with us”.

He is.

Will you reach out in faith and begin real life with Him?

Thanks for stopping by and Merry CHRISTmas!



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