New Song Freebie Download and Show Tonight

20131220_153716The Song:

Our friends at Grrr Records just posted a fresh song I wrote last year and had been wanting to record. It’s a freebie download to go with the other 4 Grrr freebies already up there for your downloading pleasure. Those 4 include me and other cool Grrr artists. The label is small, eclectic and frankly, I love the staff and label-mates who are all personal friends of mine.

So- the new song is I Want to Hear the Angels Sing. I played a couple tracks of cigarbox (slide) guitar and a bass track. Ed Bialach rocked the drums, my daughter Ami Moss did a couple sets of background vocals along with mine and it’s truly a jam sort of tune. I’m so proud of how it turned out and love Ed’s track as well as his mix. Hope you do too!

Here’s the link ready for you to download:


The Show:

Ami was feeling a bit sick today so looks like I’m doing an hour set at our Cornerstone Community Outreach solo tonight. But the ever-faithful staff have refreshments going and Ed is doing the mix so we should have some blues/Christmas/worship/all-that-kinda-stuff going tonight!

Ok, off to finish laundry. Ahhh the big life of rockstars… HAAA! NOT.

Love and Merry Christmas All!



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