Amazing Nelson Mandela Quote!

Nelson Mandela was one of my heroes on earth. He was correct and I fully agree with his comments below. Read on please. And thanks for stopping by.


Via Graham King in Facebook:

Quote from Nelson Mandela’s book A Long Walk to Freedom:

“The Church was as concerned with this world as the next: I saw that virtually all of the achievements of Africans seemed to have come about through the missionary work of the Church.”

The Good News borne by our risen Messiah who chose not one race, who chose not one country, who chose not one language, who chose not one tribe, who chose all of humankind… Our Messiah, whose life bears testimony to the truth that there is no shame in poverty: Those who should be ashamed are they who impoverish others.”

GK says YES. God’s love walks, acts out in the positive, it sings and writes and pays the price. It “attacks” evil by embrace and servanthood. “Overcome evil with good” says the Bible. Amen.


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