Mysteries and None

It’s about to get winter-cold in Chicago though it’s warm today.

But all reading this likely know of the tornadoes that hit Washington and several other towns in Illinois recently.

I have always been aware of weather and keep an eye on it out of interest as well as safety for my family.

A couple of months back a storm approached Chicago, heavy rain and high winds and such.

What was cool for me is as it approached I was sitting in our amazing garden side-yard here at JPUSA in Uptown, and watched the dark western sky light up every 10-15 seconds with lightning, sometimes pretty intense bolts. Yet there was no thunder. These were silent bolts, sometimes going off in as many as four directions.

These were not the huge clouds of quick light we sometimes get in the midwest (which we often call “heat lightning”) after a storm, but these bolts and flashes mostly preceded the rain.

Very pretty when you’re sitting in a garden right outside your house and there is no rocking wind or tornado in sight…

God’s power is evident even though we cannot always hear or perhaps see it. Sometimes we hear about it but don’t see it. These neither diminish nor exclude His presence nor even slightly limit His power.

He is God of wind, wave, rain, snow, sun and cloud. One of life’s mysteries comes as we ponder the destructive power of the elements.

Some Christians like to say such comes from the devil. Though I do not doubt the existence of such a fallen angel nor other fallen angels connected with him (demons), a fallen angel is nothing in comparison to the only sovereign God.

And yet, it is not always a simple thing to understand the havoc that comes upon the earth in the many weather-related calamities.

Then again, it’s rather easy to recognize the damage we humans bring upon ourselves and one another -apart from Him or His influence.

I find less mystery in human destruction than I do such that some claim God brings upon the earth.

To be clear: though I cannot always answer questions about God (mystery), humans are a great deal simpler to understand. God is love. We- are not. Frankly, from my life experience and personal study of human history I find it far more easy to have faith in God than in people, yes, even including myself. In essence, I better understand humans than I do God, though I walk with Him daily.

This is in part, why I depend on God and deeply appreciate when it seems my eyes see and ears happen to hear. Faith is a gift and we each have “a measure of faith”. The question is, are we loving in our faith or lack of it? The faith of Jesus brings us at core, to love. Regardless of the weather, that’s His most basic command.

May we not miss the grace of Advent regardless of the weather.

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