Reply and Response to “Feeling Stuck”

Thanks Bro ,

That’s a lot to think and be praying about.

GK- Yes it is! I try to be brief but there are times when a simple “quick, paint with a broad brush” answer just doesn’t do the issue (or the person) justice. Too many variables in why we do/don’t do, or are where we are and so on.

I guess I already do serve part-time being on a worship team, but it doesn’t feel like something that would be called service, but more like a gift that I’ve been blessed to be a part of.

GK- You sure do- and two points on this as well: it IS service… “the widow’s mite” seemed little but she gave all she had and that, says Jesus, is PLENTY and even more than the rest of ’em! Secondly, you’ve just hit on a super mature reality, that sometimes (thankfully!) we indeed feel what we’re doing is more of a gift to us than it is service. Both are true at the same time! Yes!!! Don’t minimize that which you are doing in His Name. Don’t harshly judge yourself and your offering by the offerings others bring. It’s easy for a billionaire to give a million. We don’t know the motives nor what God is or isn’t to them, you know?

I will talk with the pastor and some of the elders of the church and see what their thoughts are as far as where I can serve in some of the other ministries inside or outside of the church.

GK- Great stuff! In His timing, there may be other ways you can really serve that you’ve not even considered yet. It may indeed be re. music and that’s cool if so, but either way.

There’s a new ministry started on Friday’s called ” Arts Collective” maybe I’ll start to going to that as well and see if there are others that would like to Jam or maybe even start to write our own worship tunes , that sounds like fun.

GK- That could be a great thing indeed. Sounds like a cool thing going there too!

But getting back to the subject I really feel the Holy Spirit kind of telling me to get off my butt and start doing more to help make a difference other than doing just enough to call myself a Christian. If I was comparing it to work I feel like I’m doing just enough to not get fired.

GK- I hear you on both points but do remember, it’s not about works as such. We can do a ton of stuff “for Him” He never called us to do. But sure, plenty of folks “are saved” (and I mean truly belong to Jesus) but that’s about it, I hear you and of course love is about lovING not mere feelings, concepts and desire. Love in action. But again, take time to pray and listen. Do what He puts before you each day. But it does seem to me it’s not the size of the gift but the heart of the giver God is most concerned with.

I guess I look up to You and other people right in my church and even other Christians serving the LORD whole heartedly.

GK- That’s cool but take care, not all have the same gifts, callings, financial load to carry, etc., etc., so even judging yourself on the basis of how much time you give in “overt ministry” is not a great measure of your love or service to Jesus and others.

I don’t claim to know other people’s hearts, but some people I know and meet I can see how they are really serving and sacrificing their own wants and needs to serve and help others and go out of the way to help.
and they always seem to be happy and full of joy.

I want to be part of that.

GK- I admire such people too… and am not always among them either!! “Give and it shall be given unto you”… but I’d say focus on giving and let the joy come or not. It WILL come but you are in such a matter also embracing the crosses which are part of serving.

So to wrap this up, please be praying for me to get over my fear of praying out loud in front of people I think that is my current biggest challenge to get over.

GK- Will do. And again, He can cure that, but also again, serving with or without words and public prayer is still serving!

There is soo much to go over in your response- I may have to read it a few more times but, Thanks again for the advice and prayers.

These are the times where I’m glad to have friend and brother like you.

Blessings , prayers and hugs too,

GK- Understood. Slow down your read and consider, feel free to respond or not as you wish. You’re so welcome. Glad I can be of some little help along the path. I have been SO blessed  with friends including my wife, pastors and others who have helped me limp down the road over the years!!

Keep me up on how you’re doing. Blessings and have a SWEET Thanksgiving, so much to Thank God for!


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