Whut AM I Thinkin’??

On November 11, 2013:

—About the first day of snow, just a bit, wet and likely won’t stick but still nice.

—Thankful for being nearly fully healed from a nasty ear infection! SUPER grateful to God and all who prayed 🙂

—About vets giving their lives, sometimes for worthy causes, sometimes for our corporate intere$t$… but in any case they don’t deploy themselves and I thank them as well as care deeply about how we treat them when they come home.

—About Miley… nothin’ new under the sun. parochial school, preacher and missionary kids have long been tempted to “prove” they’re as self-centered and hedonistic as non-followers of Jesus… but the sad deal is this is likely (ala Monroe, Madonna, Gaga, etc.,) more about the publicity for the bucks than much else. Root of all evil? The Book said it long ago… “love of money”.

—About “atheist churches” as the media calls ’em. Nothing new… plenty of desire for community and self-worship outside (as well as inside) Christian churches. Same old same old.

—About grace with recovery, how many are dealing with it and how faithful God is to show up when we show up. Lovin’ the Steps and appreciate the mercy.

—About a cool group using Ubuntu Linux on recycled computers helping the poor get online in Milwaukee (my old hometown) and elsewhere for education, etc.. VERY cool work and good peeps imho: http://www.projectcc.org/?page_id=409 You will find they’re also in FaceBook.

—Praying like crazy for the victims of the typhoon in Philippines.

—Continually thankful for my wonderful wife, kids, sons-in-law, grandkids, church, friends!

—Kickin’ around adding more podcasts… maybe even test a live-stream vodcast if folks are interested, around Thanksiving time… we’ll see.

Thanks for stopping by:) -Glenn


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