GK Show Cancellation… EARittation Argggh!

Well, I rarely get sick and very rarely -real- sick. So had to hit the e.r. a few days ago due to a severe ear infection. Thanks for prayers as I go back Fri. for exam and Lord knows what else. Tough singing and playing when you’re dealin’ with pain and the eardrum is swollen like a balloon and ya can’t hear nothin’!!

So I’m bummed but I must miss the 2nd Annual Chicago Cigar Box Festival this Saturday. Last year I missed as I had been booked elsewhere months before I’d heard about it… this year the ear infection. Well, God knows.

BUT- lots of cool music and instruments to see and hear if you can make it to the fest. My hope is to do a set there next year!

For info.:

Saturday Nov 9, 2013

Chicago Cigar Box Guitar Festival, Fatman Bowl, 13860 Rockland Road, Green Oaks, IL


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