Running Away

When I was a kindergartener my Mom got after me about something or other. I never have been able to remember what it was about, but she rebuked me for some sort of wrong which I’m sure I truly did.

As my feelings were hurt I decided to do what I’d seen others do on tv.

Like poor, rejected hobo I got a stick from under a tree (we lived on an old farm way out in the country of Wisconsin) and a big red handkerchief.

I didn’t have any food to put in the hanky, so filled it with sand from the edge of our yard to make it look good, tied it to the end of my stick and told my Dad who was working out in the yard that I was leaving home.

He knew what had happened, so he just smiled and said “O.k., goodbye, write us when you find work.”

I was truly upset and feeling totally sorry for myself, crying and whimpering as I walked ever farther across the field next to our place.

Every now and then I’d look back and I suspect my Dad was watching but he didn’t let me know it.

So every so often I’d say “Goodbye. I’m leaving” sort of thing. He’d yell “Goodbye now.”

So I was getting really far and didn’t know where I was going nor what I was going to do.

About that time he shouted “Be careful, there are snakes out there!”

At that I came running back over that field to our farmyard as fast as I could run… crying and saying I was sorry for my sins 🙂

My Dad sat down, reached his arms out, took me in his lap and asked me all about my difficult time.

If I remember correctly he told me to apologize to my Mom, and everything was once again right in my world.

This scenario repeats itself among those of us who follow Jesus over and over, but at times we don’t pay attention to the lessons of our own stubbornness and the cure- love from those who love us… or shall I say the One Who loves us most.

My Dad and Mom were right. And there are still snakes out there.

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Venting? There is a Time to Vent!

There is a time for every purpose under heaven… and I say there is a time, a person (or persons) and a right, safe and healthy way to “vent”. There is also a wrong way, an unhealthy way and persons un-useful for such times as they may truly stumble, feed our own sense of self-righteousness or both.

One way to drive yourself crazy is to never, ever verbalize exactly how you
feel and what you are thinking when upset, fearful, angry and the like.

We ALL need safe people to sound-out, to blow off the steam of aggravations, worries and concerns about ourselves, our marriage partners, people at school, work, our boss, etc., etc..

We need to be able to really get it out of our system but also learn when to chill and keep our blood pressure at some kind of safe level also!

We all need to talk straight and I might add, need solid people who have both the love for us, patience with us -and- guts to tell us when we’re over the top, out-of-order, imbalanced and at times, plain wrong about our opinions and personal judgment on X, Y or Z.

There’s a time (and person/people with whom) to vent… and a time and peeps when/whom with we should refrain from doing so.


The hard part is finding, building long-term relationships and nurturing such
friendships with such people. I mean solid people who can bring us to balance when we only want peeps to smile and agree with us.

The other hard part is taking what may well be their sage advice when we don’t want it.

To find someone who will really listen- hard as that is- may be easier than to find someone who will gracefully but firmly tell us we’re out to lunch on a
point, maybe even a major point in our thinking or actions.

We NEED peeps who will allow us to vent and then at some moment in the discussion help us settle down and put the “knife” of anger or “monster” of fear away.

All of this is a judgment call on the part of the other person(s), but I can
tell you the option is a “fan base”, “groupies” or a “clique” who nearly always agree with us and what might be called our personal demon(s).

The “yes-man” is of no real value if that’s the only sort of friend you have.

The continual “you’re WRONG dude!” person won’t help you grow either.

In my own case, a lot of prayer and serious grace brought me into relationship with several people many years ago who have remained my closest friends. They have been exactly the sort of balanced people I’m writing about here, and without them I would have often been a great deal more of a misery to myself and others… than I have been! Truth.

“Woe to the one who is alone when they fall…” -and we all do of course.

Balance. Perspective. Health. It comes in community, not alone.

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Another War: Technicians Vs. Artists

Whether in church, among Christians or otherwise…

[Disclaimer: All bets are off when one considers “prog-rock” musicians where both techie-minded AND creative artistry meets often in the same individual(s) :)]

It seems to me there are those who meld both disciplines and interact… and I am SO thankful for such people!

At the same time there are those who lean strongly into what I would call scientific, factual and propositional life while there are others who fully live in the world of the creative, the arts, the imaginative.

These two can and often do clash.

The one may be a hardcore bean-counter with near-absolute borders within which box all must “fit” or be discarded while the other might fall into living what I would term “a fictional life”, an anything-goes sort of “whatever”!

Extremism in either case can be a major cause as to why relationships get torched. One demands the right to organize sharply, the other demands the right to creatively express while it’s possible either or both people lack love or the willingness to build community, thus constructing an island rather than serving beyond themselves and their particular position.

To be super-clear I am in this sense talking about people in both camps who are far away from any sense of balance or proportion.

When one considers why marriages, bands, worship teams, local churches and plenty of other groups of humans split, sometimes this is how it may happen.

Fact is, both need the other.

We need folks who bring us back to foundations of reality and sensible boundaries outside of which we are likely to end up in a ditch. We need road signs, stop-and-go lights and painted lines, most of the time.

The world also often benefits from “off-road” dirt bike peeps who are freely moving as they explore while working to dodge cactus all over the landscape. They bring life and a fresh, “another angle” view to us we may never notice without their willingness to take risks.

We also benefit from the folks who pack the first-aid kit fully loaded with a compass, map, extra cellphone batteries and 2 pairs of reading glasses duck-taped to the bike with a reminder to the rider that those things are there (along with the space blanket) in case they need them… along with the tweezers in case they have too close an encounter with the cacti!

Without the one person discovery and multiple expression is hindered. For example, in the church there would rarely be “a NEW song” or anything done in a fresh, new way.

Without the other type of individual the pitch of songs would be off the charts and nobody could sing along due to the oft-changed rhythm.

The one might become a pharisee of uniformity while the other supposedly walking “in grace” would likely become a one-person church (though the very term literally means “assembly”… two or more!).

BOTH have the ability to set off a great deal of pain and confusion, the extremes of either bringing blood to boil in marriage and family, workplaces, bands, worship teams, churches, etc..

Anyone for progressive rockers?? Ha. You likely get my point.

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Decently and In Order Podcast

Just home from a week of teaching/fellowship with our Project 12 students and staff as well as interaction at Hebron Center, amazing and great drug rehab work in Indiana.

So it was raining, I was thinking and decided to post a podcast. To be very clear, there ARE some clear, drop-dead “this is how it IS” things in the Bible you and I and lots of folks don’t like… but the issue of how that gets worked out in local relationships is huge. I’m just musing, sort of riffing on the idea with regard to Paul’s teaching (which I agree with by the way) and various ways people apply it- from 1 Cor. 14.40

Here’s the link:

Project 12 Kicks off 2013-14 Intensive

Project 12 is currently finishing its opening week over at Hebron Center near Bloomington Indiana. Lots of classes and fellowship.


It has been an intense week of prayer, exploring God’s creation, Scripture study, dicussing community, fun and over-all getting to know one another.

The men here are serious about rehab and relationship with Jesus and one another.

Here are just a few photos from this incredible week.

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