Running Away

When I was a kindergartener my Mom got after me about something or other. I never have been able to remember what it was about, but she rebuked me for some sort of wrong which I’m sure I truly did.

As my feelings were hurt I decided to do what I’d seen others do on tv.

Like poor, rejected hobo I got a stick from under a tree (we lived on an old farm way out in the country of Wisconsin) and a big red handkerchief.

I didn’t have any food to put in the hanky, so filled it with sand from the edge of our yard to make it look good, tied it to the end of my stick and told my Dad who was working out in the yard that I was leaving home.

He knew what had happened, so he just smiled and said “O.k., goodbye, write us when you find work.”

I was truly upset and feeling totally sorry for myself, crying and whimpering as I walked ever farther across the field next to our place.

Every now and then I’d look back and I suspect my Dad was watching but he didn’t let me know it.

So every so often I’d say “Goodbye. I’m leaving” sort of thing. He’d yell “Goodbye now.”

So I was getting really far and didn’t know where I was going nor what I was going to do.

About that time he shouted “Be careful, there are snakes out there!”

At that I came running back over that field to our farmyard as fast as I could run… crying and saying I was sorry for my sins 🙂

My Dad sat down, reached his arms out, took me in his lap and asked me all about my difficult time.

If I remember correctly he told me to apologize to my Mom, and everything was once again right in my world.

This scenario repeats itself among those of us who follow Jesus over and over, but at times we don’t pay attention to the lessons of our own stubbornness and the cure- love from those who love us… or shall I say the One Who loves us most.

My Dad and Mom were right. And there are still snakes out there.

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  1. My dad left us when i was 7, he never came back. i took that view of a father figure into the house of the Lord 10 years later. I have always wanted to know how much God loved me, but i kept feeling i was kidding myself that God would forgive me everything. i remember someone once said to me “Danny, if you were the only sinner on earth – ever! Jesus would have still died to set you free and redeem you back to God.” That hit me and I got to thinking real deep about this, until one day a few years ago, God showed me something in that picture i never realised. It was something that made me understand His love for me as though I was that only sinner. He said, “If I had to die for just you, then you would have had to crucify me, and when I rose from the dead, i would have ‘still’ offered you my blood to stand under, healed you, helped and brought you home to Me.”
    My dad left us when i was 7. but my real Daddy was watching from close by and He never left my side.

    Danny Harrison (some†hing alien)

  2. Thanks Glenn, been there done that ! So true, how much more our Heavenly Father wants evenmore so that loving, forgiving, graceful, relationship with His children !

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