BBQ, Aging and LIFE!

A really great weekend in Des Moines area- sweet times with Nathan and the band at Berean A.G. in the Altoona park. Good bbq, music and a pretty day weather-wise. Oh, here’s a pic from the Colours Festival from my Czech tour this summer. I add this cuz it’s how I look these days (mercy!): GKcoloursPic

Wendi and I got home and the laundry is spinning as I type…

She’s got some dental work to be done, I (once again) have -got- to begin exercising and eat healthier. We’re getting closer to her hip replacement, a number of meetings with doctors and such and we’ll have a plan and dates on all that. Thanks for prayers.

Funny, as we age… well… as I age… heh… hair goes, hearing goes, eyesight, etc., etc.. The other day I totally spaced on something I was saying to my family and one of my daughters said “Dad, if you hadn’t done this all my life I’d be worried” and we all laughed.

It’s true. I was around 17 years old visiting my Dad (parents divorced so I was visiting) and he forgot something obvious, I told him I did the same all the time. He laughed saying “I think I have a touch of old-timer’s”. No laughing matter for folks with Alzheimer’s and I don’t mean to speak lightly of that at all… but the fact is that aging is an entire new journey for a lot of folks and few people are told (or think) enough about it prior.

From very early on I was around folks a great deal older than myself and so have never thought them “odd” or whatever. I think the Lord schooled me early on about such things.

The truth is that I’m happy to age. But Wendi and I often remark that it’s too bad wisdom comes so late in life when you could have used it so very much when far more young!

This is where one of my true worries comes in… that of biblical illiteracy in so many peeps these days.

I suppose this, too isn’t really all that “new”, but it does seem fewer people are seriously studying The Bible and are just not clued in on what God thinks, says and feels about them, their neighbors, life and both what authentic love is and how to share it.

So many want to write their own story exclusive of the Story of God. That’s a train-wreck no matter what you think you gain.

This is a burden to me. If I had known His Word much younger I could have at least escaped -some- of the addictions if not all that eventually nearly killed me.

And the fact is I was (as all of us are) an “evangelist” for what I believe in, for what I thought was good -though much of it was like gravel in my guts. Drug, alcohol and sexual addictions are just that, monkeys that not only ride you but eat you little by little until there is less of you and more of the devil riding inside. Been there, done that.

Jesus DOES set people free- but such genuine freedom and life doesn’t happen by mindless drifting and choosing friends, situations and pleasure trips that only wrap and chain us.

Someone once said “The dog you feed is the one that grows”. The Book says “Don’t be deceived, God is not mocked. Whatever a person sows, that they shall also reap”. Yep. Yes.

While some say Christians are mindless dolts who buy into a sort of mythology that is better left in the ditch, I’d say the pain of loss, aging and death itself is a wake-up call from God.

The Bible tells us “The one who has the Son of God has life. The one who does not have the Son of God does not have life”. Fact. No joke.

If you think I’m flippin’ crazy and a mess you should have hung around me B.C…

So it’s your move.

Thanks for stopping by!


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