Minty Amp Clone

Wow. A dude at had offered a clone of one of the famous little Minty Amp designs available from Radio Shack (parts… you must build it). Had a friend build me 4 of ’em. I mean they COOK! Very cheap and simple but amazing tone and very gracious regardless of which speaker or cab you use with ’em. Little 9 volt battery-powered thing, just 1 gain control, no tone, plug in a guitar cable and the amp turns on, unplug the cab;e and it’s off. Knock-off of a Smoky practice amp but in my view, better and more versatile.

Oh, they named it Minty because you can actually install it with 1 or 1 1/2 in. speaker in an Altoids or other such tin and carry it around as a practice amp. But I think I may use this thing live mic’ed after building a few cabs with larger speakers… it sounds that good. Not certain about that yet but I’ll sure give it a go!

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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