I recently spoke to a gathering on a Sunday morning about transitions.

When change happens- whether expected or not, it often upsets the “normal”… whatever that may look or feel like to us.

But if you think it through, all of life is a series of transitions.

We were swmimming inside of our mother, then were born. We were off to kindergarten, perhaps moved from one house or town to another, perhaps multiple times.

Our parents may have had, adopted or fostered other siblings.

It’s possible our parents divorced or separated.

It could be we worked at a part-time job.

Maybe we graduated high school, entered college, university or trade school or worked a job or all of these.

Perhaps we moved from our parent’s home into our own place or moved in with others. Maybe we travelled and ended up studying or otherwise living in a different country and culture than that in which we were born and raised.

It may be we married, had children, then grandchildren.

Perhaps during some of these chapters of our life either we or those we love/d were hit with serious illness, maybe even death.

Eventually we begin losing our hearing and/or sight, longtime friends move or pass away. Things change.

See, between beautiful moments and natural (un-natural?) disasters any number of small as well as deeply significant changes take place over our lifespan.

Transitions happen and many of them are far beyond our ability to control or at times even slightly shape to our liking.

This is where self-medication often leads to addiction, shocking events seem to call for extreme and not-too-thought-out choices which often have massive ramifications.

Not transition itself, but how we respond, roll with, ride the waves in such times is what I’m getting at.

My advice from a fairly long life of transition?

Learn how to hear God’s voice. Yes.

Learn to listen and do your best in love, obedience and core faith, to obey.

The Holy Spirit will never conflict with His own word

1.(The Bible), and if you have a solid relationship with Jesus by

2. prayer

in daily study of His Book, simple application best you know how, solid links and

3. on-going relationships of love and trust with godly leaders who have heart, wisdom and guts to speak the truth in love

to you, pray for you and walk alongside you, any storm of transition can be weathered. And I mean all of the storms of life!

Then notice

4.practical doors (circumstances)

opening or closing, and indeed at times, supernatural stuff

5.(dreams, visions, prophetic utterance)

are all means through which the Lord speaks.

I have tried to follow my own advice and hear the Lord’s voice in these 5 areas and through the many transitions can honestly say these 60 years have far more been a blessing than a curse to me.

I’m not saying I have loved each and every transition, every single moment or train-wreck along the path… far from it! But I do believe the Lord has spoken and more than not it seems His voice has confirmed His calling, gifting and the varied plans for my life along the path.

Jesus said in John chapter 10:

v.3 …the sheep listen to his voice

v.4 …the sheep follow him, for they know his voice

v.16 …they will hear my voice

v.27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me

This ability to pay attention, to attentively listen to the voice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to hear the Spirit as He speaks, to recall His word (Jesus calls Him “the Spirit of truth”) and it is His power, strength and comfort that brings one safely through the many sometimes difficult transitions of life.

This has been my experience and that of millions of Christ-followers during our spiritual journey. We do not nor must we walk alone or totally deaf to His voice!

Give thanks, look up, you are never alone. Listen, walk with Him and you will indeed make it through and even recognize how He has carried you throughout the transitions of life.

The last transition? Eternal life due to Jesus our Lord!

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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