I have been fascinated by alternative building (and other) designs for many years.

I recently saw something on YouTube that took me further down that road of thinking:

Brilliant stuff, I think. And yes, one can find a great deal of fire proofing material for paper buildings.

So, what about a sustainable eternity? Jesus says “I am the way, the truth and the life” and in fact I believe He is. Fireproof? Yes.

Some will wince at the nod toward eternity apart from God, some sort of “better place” that “we’re all going to” but my question is simple: if you can’t prove God -is-, and cannot prove heaven -is- (that “better place”?), then how can you prove there is no place apart from Him and His people?

Comes down to faith. Sustainable faith. A reasonable faith.

I do love (apostle) Paul’s comment: “For through the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think; but to think so as to have sound judgment, as GOD HAS ALLOTED TO -EACH- A MEASURE OF FAITH.” -Romans 12.3 (my caps for accent)

It seems we all have faith to believe… or disbelieve. Hmmm.

So… how sustainable is your/my/our faith?

I’m convinced of eternity due to a lifetime of experiences that go far beyond mere pie-in-the-sky belief systems. A mountain-load of ’em that I cannot glibly toss on the pile of “wishful thinking”, “subjective reasoning” nor “mere coincidence”. If experience after experience could be brushed off like that I may not be following the risen Jesus Christ. But I have, do, am. By His grace!

Sustainable faith is sustained by God in our life, not by us.

Faith itself is listed as a gift (Gal. chapter 5, etc.) in scripture.

All good gifts come from Him (Book of James).

The final question is- what are we doing with them?

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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