Tour Comments

So the Ohio (front-end of tour) went amazing to say the least. Looking forward to Mansfield, Ohio next week on
the end of the tour.

Working with my friend John McClure from Buckeye Christian Assembly is always a treat. He has a heart and continual workload of prison ministry all over the state. Last year en-route to the York Cigar Box Guitar Festival (in PA) he had us stop and do a solo show there. He also let us know about his stops at prisons all over Ohio and we began talking about a return trip that would include at least some of those.

Grafton was amazing. Nice crowd, real-deal chaplain (Ron) and kind staff who helped us in with grace.

The guys were totally receptive and I think very much
related to my blues set. I also taught ’em a couple new
ones that are call-and-response sung. By the way, they had their prison choir open with a song- and they ROCKED, and I mean really were GOOOOOOOOD!!

On to Buckeye, a very kind crowd on the night, seemed to track with the music and my little raps on treating our
neighbor with grace that we ourselves want… good chats after and in fact a bro. brought up a sweet, black beauty of a cigarbox guitar (3 stringer) he’d made which he asked me to sign. Very cool. Some biker friends also came by. Oh, and I had John come up and sing a song while I played guitar on it- he did good, it was fun (the tune was Keep It To Yourself).

On to OSP in Hubbard, near Youngstown yesterday.

Wow. Four sets in 3 different places. These guys are truly
amazing, don’t get a lot of music and really seemed to
relate. I think I told each of them that the difference
between them (locked up for various crimes, mostly long sentences) and myself is that I had gotten saved and they had gotten caught. Truth.

In fact had I not come to faith in Jesus I’d have overdosed on heroin, I’m certain of that because that was where I was going when as Forrest Gump said… “And then God SHOWED UP”.


I cried a couple times yesterday. These men are of great value while many in society just think they’re useless.Again, my cigarbox guitar is always a close-at-hand object lesson of what creative people can do with what some think are useless and throw-away. They were tracking with me and really kind in their responses.

So then it was a 3 hour drive to a hotel here in New York State and tomorrow over in Spencer, NY for a gig, then in the week, to PA and several shows including this year’s Cigar Box Guitar Festival in York.

Tell you what- sleeping in is good… and I think I’ll take
a nap seeing they’ve allowed me a late checkout today!

Thanks for stopping by. As always, all show details are at

in the Shows section.

Hope to see you on the road!

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