Project 12 Discipleship ’13-’14 !

If you know me you realize there are some things I’m deeply passionate about. One of those core issues is biblical, experiential Christian discipleship.The word “disciple” as Jesus used it literally means “a listener, a learner”.

As I and many in the wide world (believers and otherwise) see it, converts are one thing, disciples another and the former, shall we say “beige” -perhaps even end up creating sad reflections of the one true Love (indeed, Lover) of them all, that being Jesus Himself.

Not to say I nor any at JPUSA or Project 12 are any more automatically “spiritual” nor “better than” nor even less prone to mess-ups than others… but we are serious about learning to follow Him and love others as He loved and loves!p12gkBlog

Could you stand a bit more color in your life?

Got ten months to spare? Ten to be “ruined for the world”? Ten to move beyond conversion and mere conversation to active discipleship while yet discussing the deeper issues of The Book and experiencing daily relationships, justice, mercy and humble community in an actual intentional live-in community setting? In an urban, inner-city setting? Among like-minded peeps?

Please have a look through the info. at:

Trimester 1 begins September 27th.

And thanks for stopping by 🙂

His, yours,


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