New Shows To Be Posted, Etc.

Several new shows and a live online broadcast will be posted here and via my Facebook and Twitter accounts in the next several days.

SO blessed by the Czech tour, soooo good to be home for a few days, then up to Wisconsin and out to Peoria- as always, see  in the Shows section for confirmed dates and details.

Checking out (as I do a few times most days) a dude who goes by the name Mudbelly (ha!) posted the following pic. I didn’t build nor do I own ’em but I just had to laugh. That is serious java if you’ve never tried it… and I love that simple vibe! Cool.BustelloGits

I’d built a 1 stringer (usually called a “diddley bow”) with a pickup in it and played it in Ostrawa on a tune, deciding to toss it out as a gift to whomever caught it after the song ended. Sure enough, the person came back after the show and asked for an autograph and seemed really excited. Fun! Nothing like a 1 or 2 string slide guitar to play Blind Willie Johnson tunes on 🙂

Ok, off to do other work today, lots on the schedule!

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

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