Mid-July Update

Wow, what a summer!

Then again it’s always busy for me in these months.

So here’s my update for those who wonder…

Just home from a weekend in Philly leading worship at ESA conference, lots of friends there and they do such great work in serving the poor, creation care and life issues. They seemed to dig the cigarbox guitar (Shane Speal built me) and the one-string diddley bow I made (complete with Altoid tin “body” and pickup) and were all just so warm and gracious all weekend as I brought music and a bit of chatter. I was able to sit in on some excellent sessions with speakers who have Ron Sider’s (outgoing director of ESA) heart for the poor and marginalized. His leadership and the weekend’s “Ron Roast” included his formal passing on the leadership post to Al Tizon and Paul (great bros.) -all inspiring as well as fun.

In two days I’m off to Colours Festival in Ostrawa, Czech Republic to do a blues set, also a midnight blues/worship set and also a day in the street teaching folks how to build and play cigarbox, cookie tin and found-object guitars and basses. Then I’m home for a short stretch before continuing touring which doesn’t really let up much until late September. I’ll do my best to keep you posted of shows as they’re confirmed via the http://www.grrrrecords.com Shows section. Please check there if interested.

Wendi had an MRI re. her painful arthritis, waiting to get those results back. As I’ve mentioned before, she’s hopefully on her way to a hip replacement this winter at which time I’ll largely be off the road to serve her and help her with rehab for walking and so forth, do some recording (finally… just no time at this point) and perhaps do some metro shows.

I have been writing a LOT of songs, mostly in the blues ballpark this past several months… just have to get time to demo ’em.

Excited about Wilson Abbey opening soon and a zillion areas of service and outreach from there throughout Uptown Chicago and beyond. Little by little!

Our Project 12 Discipleship work kicks in again in September as well, so there is much prep. for that coming up.

Well, time to get the laundry out of the dryers and take my sweet wife on a date as I’ll be gone all this next week. Grace to serve and bits of rest in-between.

Thanks for your prayers and for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn

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