Nurture of Artist Musings

Today I find myself in a wonderful rambling old farmhouse near Champaign, Illinois which reminds me of several my family lived in when I was a young boy in south-central Wisconsin.

GKB, The Unfortunate, Max Simmons and Leper are all Grrr artists playing at the very first Audio Feed Fest in Champaign along with a number of other great bands and solo artists.

Many of us each brought a few tunes last night to just warm up the crowd and today is the official opener. Some 60 artists will hit the stages today and tomorrow with a rap up Sunday.

So parts of what prompted this blog are: a book in my Kindle deals with the lives of Bach, Mozart, Haydn and several other classical composers… then I received an email from an artist asking for assistance and another sharing his difficulties as well as a notice of a YouTube vid someone posted of a portion of a music seminar I gave fielding several folks’ questions at a long-ago Cornerstone Festival.

The kind friends hosting many of us in their large country farmhouse and all of the above reminds me what a gift kind and encouraging relationships are- and for musicians and other artists in particular.

We are often as denegrated as we are celebrated… but fans and groupies don’t bring much in the way of genuine relationship much less spiritual growth and the sometimes-needed correction we all mature from.

I would so love to see more kind, godly people of depth create healthy artist colonies where not only the balance of study, practical work, play and rest but also biblical, spiritual challenge could take place for periods of time in artists lives. I know of few such places. The financial costs are often as huge as the spiritual input is less than stellar.

It is striking as I read more details of the lives of great composers as well as modern musicians how often painful and at times wasteful, even disasterous some of their lives were.

How I wish more would be offered the “Selah”- I mean people, places and times to reflect and grow in all areas, relationships in particular as it seems this is such the core need for artists, often the “aliens” in our culture.

God give us grace to help and not merely play “celebrity creation”! We need sane, authentic and Christ-following human beings, not mere artists in our world.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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