GK Solo Blues: Show, Etc. Update!

Hope to see some of you at one or more of these events! Thanks for your kind support 🙂


Saturday, June 8
Aurora, IL
Glenn Solo -Many other  artists/friends as well
Starting at 2pm
Warehouse Church 25th Anniversary
Details and RSVP:

Saturday, June 15 Sunday, June 16
Three Rivers, MI
Glenn- Solo from appx. 10am Sat. until 1pm Sun.
The Pink Paisley Poppy Emporium, 6 North Main St., Three Rivers MI, MI 49093
Glenn will perform and chat with folks off and on- Solo with cigar-box guitars
and will also be selling c.b. guitars that he has made.

Sunday, June 16
Sturgis, MI
Glenn Solo, sharing with friends
(seating limited to 25… some floor space available)
Fellowship (house church) at 2:30pm
Dinner at 4pm
Concert at 7:30pm
For address and more info please phone:
Christopher Kirk @  269.221.1266

Beachball Concern

Had a great chat with a friend last night.

The meeting was for me to just share a bit of the burdens I carry, which I did, and hear a bit of encouraging feedback, really just consider various ways to enhance my walk with God. And all that happened too 🙂

I think for me, the revelation of the discussion was when he said “Carrying some of the difficulties you do is a bit like trying to keep a beachball under water”. Wow. Yes, truth, that.

It just keeps trying to pop up.

Trying to keep that puppy under won’t solve the pushback.

Later on in our conversation he said “Of course, some beachballs need to be held under” meaning that there is a right time and place and a right person or people to share your burdens and distress with as well as a wrong time, etc.. All very true. But suppressing the need never helps anybody.

And of course there are various times and seasons throughout our life on the planet.

We all move through moments of great mountain-top experiences and other moments of deep and dark valleys.

The grace of God is in part, that we are able to do it hand-in-hand (by faith) with Jesus and not alone, and with at least several other Christ-followers as well.. again, not -alone-.

I have been carried by so many loving, wise and prayerful people for so many years- and I’m well aware it’s their mercy, kindness and encouragement that has kept me floating… beachball and all.

How about you? What might you try in order to experience God’s grace in relationships and allowing Him and others to carry you and your stresses, fears and anxieties?

These are not automatically selfish concerns.  Perhaps you’d benefit by considering?

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn