“Steve” Just Arrived via FedEx :)

Steve1 Steve2 Steve3Over the years there have been many kind friends… and I am -not- deserving such kindness, this I know. Well, if I start naming everyone of them I’ll likely forget someone.

But several have built amps, guitars, etc., for me, just out of love and grace. This stuff sometimes shows up in the mail, no kidding.

So I use them in shows, in studio depending on the sound needed for a given song or part of a song, loan them out on occasion for friends who use our studio here in Chicago, sometimes give various stuff away over time when it seems the right thing to do for a person in need.

Today one bro. Steve from Connecticut shipped this sweetheart. Whew. I mean, just Ohhhhhhhhh My!!

He had written me about a “partscaster” as he had some Strat parts lying around. Gracious… I guess he did!!! Oh, for you gearheads, all gold hardware and that’s a Seymour Duncan Trembucker in the bridge position.SteveMain

-So- pretty and such a gift I just wanted to share it here.

THANKS my bro., you are a gift, all I can say is that you know Who will be honored to the best of my ability with this gem.

Now, most of my gits either have generic names or are referred to as “her”. This one will be called Steve. Some will figure I mean Stevie Ray but you’ll know I mean you.

MAJOR Thanks and Gloria Deo! Wow. Time to play some blues…


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