First Day of Summer Joy, Life-Work Musings

Spent time walking a beautiful girl down the aisle to a handsome man today. Spent time with wonderful kids and grandkids, dear friends and an amazing wife (mine). Spent time thanking God for immeasurable grace to get through a cold and sing a couple songs in the celebration. Love is like that. Grace. Filled with grace.

Being with those you love most is a gift- and not to be taken lightly, expected nor squandered. It can change in a blink, in a moment, and we all know that but so often do not pay attention nor remind/get reminders that we need to measure our days as the Psalms say.

The plain joy of a day well-spent, of a clean, cool bed and place to rest. A good night’s sleep. Enough clean water and food, shelter, peaceful surroundings without violence, bitterness, mayhem. So many in this world have so little of these and we all know it. We need to think more about the gifts we’re given each day. We need to do more to help others without such gifts as I’ve described above.

I’ll tell you that it’s far easier to talk about all this, blog on it, write songs and sing lyrics that mention such things than it is to do something beyond communicating it all.

Throughout my life I’ve been blessed to meet, know and even live and serve among people who loved in action rather than mere ideas and concepts, people willing to sacrifice for others when they could have been living far more self-centered, pleasure-seeking lifestyles (and I might add, in many cases made a LOT of money plying their gifts in other than sharing ways). I live and serve among my heroes.

The Word echoes in my head- “I know what I’ll do… I’ll build bigger barns to store all my wealth”. And the end of the story- “You fool, tonight God will require your soul of you and where will all your accumulated wealth end up”? That is, what was it all WORTH… REALLY?

Self-satisfaction is the ultimate idolatry, the gut-true “I am god, help me stay on my throne or get-out-of-my-way” gig. Self, not God, is the ultimate false god. This is where everything equals nothing in the end.


Grace calls us to make other choices and reap other rewards. And certainly, risk and pains are involved, make no mistake about that!! Authentic love often hurts but the final results are life in the face of death.

I am so thankful for the grace of Jesus Christ in my life!!

May you be blessed, truly blessed with His love. The gift of knowing you are is immense!

Thanks for stopping by,

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