If you’ve read my blogs the past few years- or heard my Cardboard Box project, you know that one of the many ways I try to help folks is by letting them know about our inner-city Chicago homeless shelter.

Cornerstone Community Outreach is one of several shelters individuals, care groups as well as the City of Chicago contacts regularly for assistance for the many homeless people throughout the metro.

While poverty and at times, mental illness, returning veterans with ptsd and other issues such as drug or alcohol addictions play a role, there are plenty of people who just need food, clothing or temporary housing and job skill training. CCO does all it can and I have often told our staff people they are my heroes. It’s true, simple as that.

Everyone CCO serves is someone’s son, daughter, sister, brother, mother, father or grandparent. They’re real people with real names and genuine needs.

The tragic fact is too many in society (as well as “Christian” society) just keep walking past them much like the priest and levite in Jesus’ parable about the man who was beat up and left by thieves.

Full disclosure: while I’m thankful to Grrr Records for sending quarterly cheques to CCO (appx. 70 percent of the sale of each Cardboard Box cd or download goes to their work) I had planned on doing a great deal more individual concert-fund-raisers for CCO and due to my wife Wendi’s advancing health issues (severe arthritis and perhaps more… we’ll know soon as we get recent MRI results back) I’ve been doing a great deal more care-giving at home. The point is that I have not been able to follow through for fund-raising sets and promotion of CCO to the extent I’d like to.

As Wendi and I navigate health issues and options, perhaps I can do more… it’s my heart to!

Meanwhile, if you’ve not (or have not recently) checked out these sites, please do, I would be surprised if your heart was not touched by the true stories and needs at Cornerstone Community Outreach.


My friend Jeremy Nicholls (New Zealander) and his sweet wife Beth (Peoria native) are gems, and have served on staff at CCO for many years. His blog is an amazing read, and if you scroll down through it you’ll find stories of the sort I’m mentioned:

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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