Number 10 CAN Make Music!

Number10Can   My song “Recycled” from Cardboard Box is about people over stuff. But for you people reading this… here are some “d.i.y.” things you could do with a large tin can if you were so inclined…

Working in our large industrial kitchen the other afternoon I was in part, doing a job of de-papering, taking both lids off of and smashing the big #10 size cans of spaghetti sauce to box up and leave for the local scrappers. This is a great recycle as well as easy way (in our big city) of getting the metal gone.

Being a cigarbox and found-object guitar and bass building and playing sort of alien 🙂 I’ve both seen others and myself have played around with making canjos, ersatz hand drums, etc., with tin cans. But these larger number 10’ers are cool as they provide two huge lids (can be used for a fake dobro on a 1, 2, 3 or 4 string cigarbox by mounting ’em under the top of the box inside and bracing them (which gives a more metallic, dobro-like slide guitar sound to a cardboard or wooden cigar or other type non-metal box) in place with wood, screws and epoxy. Then again you could have one secured to the inside bottom of the box as well as one with holes of your making (shape, number of holes, etc.) in the CanLidother lid that is mounted as I just described inside the top of the “guitar” body… and leaving the rest of the box open inside (after the box lid is glued/screwed shut tight) you get the warmth (sound) of the cardboard or wood mixed with more or less metal sound (and cool looks) and all you’ve done is used one or both can lids.

Then there is the cool factor of using such cans with their grooved/ridged sides- after smashing ’em flat, mount inside a picture-frame sort of wooden holder and you have a mini-washboard to use as a rhythm instrument with a spoon or rock.

AND, you coulMiniWashboardd simply build a frame (as in a bit thinner box) around the can with the ridges set the same way the neck is (inside whatever box you build- and under the can) and with a piezo pickup have a pretty cool (and flashy in the lights!) slide guitar, also a dobro-sort of vibe but thinner than a typical cigarbox guitar.Number10CanAsGuitar

For clarity re. the pics here:

You see the original can with paper, also comparison to a normal sized veg can as well as the other elements.

If you’re not in a hurry as I was today, you soak the paper and get it all off, nothing but metal left. With a can opener you get both lids off (likely have the first one off already to use whatever it contained, so now do the second one). Smash it flat. If I were building something with the can I’d step hard on the can on a hard floor but also likely bring a thick towel and large-faced hammer, maybe rubber mallet, and carefully smash it as fully flat as possible. The towel would likely help keep marks off the ridged surface. If using one or both lids in a cigarbox, carefully cut the hole about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch smaller than the lid is, then you have room to screw or bolt and/or epoxy the lid underneath in place, also hiding the rough edges. If you wish hole-designs, drill and or can-open/cut ’em prior to installing into box.

And I haven’t even talked about painting these babies yet?!! There’s no end to this.

I may make one, none or all of these in the future, we’ll see. Just sayin’ 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

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