New Arts Blog Coming

lakewildwoodsunset-scaled-1000So I’ve finally grown tired of trying to share bits of this and that article on the arts here and there in this, my everyday blog.

In specific, most of you know I’m a musician but some may not know or have forgotten I’m a Christ-follower as well as a pastor and lover of all who walk with Jesus daily- these are according to the Bible, “the church”. That word “church” literally means “assembly” or “gathering of called-out ones”, those called by God to serve Him and the world in the love of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

So I have decided to post a fresh blog totally focused on the arts as soon as I can get the elements together.

What elements, and for whom?

For whomever wishes to locate Web-based writings on various music and other art forms. In particular, for Christians who often have not thought very deeply about the arts, and certainly for followers of Jesus who are artists who DO think in more than shallow fashion about what, how and why they create.

There is much to think about and consider and a number of great sources I keep finding (including posts people send my way) and I think it’s way past time for someone to include a repository of those online to assist people in thinking through the wide range of issues regarding the arts in the church and created by Christ-followers. We not only struggle within ourselves as human beings, but are often caught in crossfire with our fellow Christians, local and wider church folks. It has been our experience to be considered dolts by those are not people of faith, or at least not of the Christian faith as well.

We -are- a peculiar people and it seems artists are considered (and in some ways ARE) even more peculiar in the eyes of others.

Therefore just to whet your appetite, I’m posting a really fine bit of writing which a fellow Ev. Covenant pastor just sent out. I’ll also put the link to his excellent site here. These will also be posted in my new art blog soon as I get that set up with plenty of links to articles, sites and associations that seem relevant.

From time to time I’ll add (or re-post) older bits of writing I’ve done, my own notes from past lectures/workshops I’ve given on music and the wider arts, but that’s not my main reason for such a blog as this. I just think there needs to be a place all this can be readily resourced, at least for Christians in the arts who know (or know about) me.

Soon as it’s ready, I’ll let you know via this site as well as my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Thanks Rick Lindholtz, for a SWEET bit of writ here! And thanks to all who stop by at this, my near-daily blog.

Wishing you mercy to grow, grace to create,


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