Creative Ideas Journal

I have finally realized I get so many ideas, visionary stuff, that I may as well create a separate online spot (private… sorry… these are my notes to myself) just to put it in writing, add photos or drawings and such.

Creativity and art is such a deep and wide spectrum that if one doesn’t make notes that are easily find-able and traceable, they just may evaporate.

Now, many of my thoughts are pea-brained and as full of holes as Swiss cheese (which I happen to really like 🙂 but as I get ideas and just blog ’em, then check later, pray, think and give some a shot or pass them on to others as I often do, well at least I have a record of what I thought about when.

Not so much a diary as a spiritual, practical and arts journaling spot.

Maybe someday I’ll allow it to be made public, but why I’m blogging on it here is just to say perhaps some of you reading this already journal -or never do. Might there be good reason for you to put details of creative ideas that come to you in an online repository you can then retrieve them from later?

Certainly anyone can do this in analog form using notebook, scrapbook (for photos and drawings, etc.) but what about quick and clean typing and easier way to share an idea in our digital age? What if the notebook gets lost or eaten by the doggie? So many pics are taken by our mobile phones… and you can also add podcasts and vidcasts if you wish to such a blog. No can do if not digital, and not always easy to find if away from home or your luggage gets lost during travel.

Sometimes the Spirit has truly led and even if not, it seems to me a good idea to save your ideas in a space such as this. So I’ve just opened myself a private Word Press spot do so so.

Well anyhow, there’s an idea for you to consider!

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn



  1. Hi Glen…I too have kept a journal, mine for years …a muso like you, its good for ideas , an ongoing journey of inspiration and writers block ..all good ..enjoy blessya Chris

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